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11 years ago
Hi there,

Created a Read Only Access forum.

Was fine. Then people started to post.
Move all the posts out and put it on Read Access Only.
All fine. Next day more posts.

Check settings. Definitely says Read Only Access.
But users can still post.
Changed it to No Access and then back again to Read Only. Works fine.

But for how long!

Why does this happen?


11 years ago
What YAF Version? Versions prior to had a bug - when you changed access masks or updated roles, you had to flush the active access table

Run from YAF SQL Query Window (Database Section of Host Admin)
EXEC dbo.yaf_activeAccess_reset
- this assumes you are using [dbo] as your database owner and [yaf_] as your default table prefix.

If you can't find it using the forum search, try my signature link -- searches this site using Google: Google is my Friend 
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11 years ago
Damn I knew I should have posted that - Sorry!

Your YAF.NET Version: (Date: 18/03/2012).
The Latest Stable Version is: Released 26/03/2012.

Thanks for that squirrel.

So I have to run that each time I make a change?

Now that I remember I did update the Access Masks only last night.
So is this bug fixed in the current version I have - most likely not.

Running that won't affect the forum detrimentally?

Now to find some one to do that. I'm a designer. Don't everyone all growl at once. I'm not precious. Just not a coder. Get real nervous about tinkering with a live forum with 20,000 users.

Assuming I just paste that into the SQL Command box. Geez you do not know how nervous that makes me doing that.

But thank you for your quick reply.

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11 years ago
Did you set the "Read Only" Access Mask for all Roles? when using dnn the Regular Users are part of more then one Role. You need to make sure that all Roles have limited access.
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