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I wanted to reset the thanking functionality on my forums so I deleted all of the contents of the table yaf_Thanks but now users can no longer thank posts. Is there any way to restore this functionality?
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I realize I probably didn't give enough information on this. I debugged it using console in Chrome and get the following errors.
However I don't think I deleted any files.

http://www.abcdefg.com/a...s/ajaxpro/converter.ashx  500 (Internal Server Error) default.aspx:18
http://www.abcdefg.com/a...s/ajaxpro/prototype.ashx  500 (Internal Server Error) default.aspx:18
http://www.abcdefg.com/a...forums/ajaxpro/core.ashx  500 (Internal Server Error) default.aspx:18
http://www.abcdefg.com/a...ic,YAF.Classes.Core.ashx  500 (Internal Server Error) default.aspx:18
http://www.abcdefg.com/a...ankYou,YAF.Controls.ashx  500 (Internal Server Error)

Those are on page load.

When I click on the link the Thank Button I get:

Uncaught ReferenceError: YAF is not defined default.aspx:867
addThanks default.aspx:867
(anonymous function)

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
Thanks in advance.

mjc225 attached the following image(s):

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