I create a new class and inherit from MembershipHelper. But when I'm run code I get follow error:

The requested service 'YAF.Core.UsersRoles.CustomMembershipHelper' has not been registered. To avoid this exception, either register a component to provide the service, check for service registration using IsRegistered(), or use the ResolveOptional() method to resolve an optional dependency.

Line 158: CodeContracts.ArgumentNotNull(serviceType, "serviceType");
Line 159:
Line 160: return this.Container.Resolve(serviceType);
Line 161: }
Line 162:

Source File: E:\WebProjects\YAF.Net\YAF-v1.9.6.1-RTW-SRC\YAF.Core\AutoFacServiceLocatorProvider.cs Line: 160

Does anybody knows how to handle that?


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