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11 years ago
I have imported some data from a custom board. One forum has a lot of messages, and trying to use Google Feeds API won't work because the feed file is too big (I'm pretty sure that's why - other feeds work).

Looking at the DB activity I can see the code which fetches the data starts:

exec sp_executesql N'select top 1000 Topic = a.Topic,TopicID = a.TopicID, Name = b.Name, LastPosted = IsNull(a.LastPosted,a.Posted)...

Looking on your general forum's RSS I see the same problem (here ).

Can I control what the maximum number of topics in the RSS feed? Or do I need to change the source and build? 50 would probably be enough! :-d

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11 years ago
It is currently hard coded in the LegacyD.cs

int topicLimit = 1000;

I Added New Host Setting: "Max. Topics on the Forum Feed" to limit the amount of Topics on the Forum Feed.

It can be found in the Source Repository.
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