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I have been spending a couple of days trying to install YAF forum, as it is perfect for what I want it for. Can do it locally without any problems. The problem I'am having is uploading to web hosting company. I receive internal error 500 when trying to run the install. Fasthosts tech support told me to comment out the modules and handlers section of the web.config file.

So I get this error:

Startup Error: YAF.NET is not setup properly. Please add the <add name="YafTaskModule" type="YAF.Core.YafTaskModule, YAF.Core" /> to the <modules> section of your web.config file.

So if I uncomment it I then get fasthosts generic 500 internal server error. I need to find another way. Does anyone have any ideas of an alternative approach. Has anyone ever installed YAF on a fasthosts hosting package. Or has anyone got any good ideas of an alternative hosting package that YAF works well on. As a last resort I may change hosts.

Thank you in advance.

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The web.config supplied with YAF cannot have sections removed, as they are required for YAF to run.

You need them to turn off "Custom Errors" in the configuration and to send "Detailed Errors" to the client -- otherwise we cannot determine what is causing the HTTP/500 errors.

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