11 years ago
I have a requirement to use YAF on a SharePoint installation of which i have no access to the server itself other than through SPD 2010 (so no file access etc)

So my questions is, can I create a webpart of the YAF forum and upload to the SP system? Has anyone ever done this?

Additional information, running SP 2010 and have Visual Studio 2010



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11 years ago
I've thought about doing this now that I'm pretty advanced SharePoint developer. Wasn't sure if there was much of a market.

Don't see how it would be all that complex... but I'll bet there are quite a few little "gotchas" and frankly, trying to get YAF.NET to actually integrate with SharePoint (e.g., use Sharepoint data structures) would be a bridge too big to cross.

What are you ideas for it, Stephen? Just a webpart?
11 years ago
I would think there will be a big market for this, off all the things that SP does probably the discussion/forums are the weakest. I don't think we need to bother with integrating data structures, just simply allow SP users to upload the webpart into a 1 column master page and auto authenticate via AD.

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