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11 years ago
I have 2 users, one using Chrome (latest) and one using FF (latest).

The chrome user is seeing 2 copies of every forum we have. Once they delete browsing history/cookies the duplication stops, but I can't suggest they do this on a daily basis.

The FF user clicks logout, then answers "yes" to the popup box, at which point the spinner gif just sits there and spins and nothing else happens.

Has anyone else seen this and perhaps found a fix?

  • dk
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11 years ago
Second that. I saw forum duplication as well. I am using Internet Explorer and Fire Fox.
11 years ago
The last time I ran into a duplicate entries issue appearing it was due to a race condition on the application startup. Rebuilding the indexes on the database cured it back then, but I'm not sure if it's the same issue now.

I would look to see if you are seeing extended 'startup' times for the YAF application - it could be causing issue if the forum is restarting a lot - because users will 're-click' the refresh when waiting and that has caused issues for me in the past --

If you can't find it using the forum search, try my signature link -- searches this site using Google: Google is my Friend 
  • Jaben
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11 years ago
Any errors in the error log to assist with the problem? A URL perhaps to see the issue.
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