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Has anyone ever experienced problems with their websites or databases once they upgraded to IIS 7 .NET 4.0 while using ASP 3.0 and SQL Server 2005 ?.....Im just a bit nervous I'll go through some big problems once I upgrade.
I'll add for Ken that most of the site is running ClassicASP 3 code connecting to an SQL2005 DB... I can't think of any issues other than custom COM components, but if you're on shared hosting, those are not allowed anyways, so shouldn't be an issue for you. You might need to update your database connection string to use a different driver, but that's about it that I can think of...

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Thank You very much. I am now feeling more comfortable with this move.:)
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Just make sure the option "Active Server Pages" is installed, it's not default with IIS7.


You can see the ASP icon if it's installed, and it is missing if not.

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