I'm importing about 174,411 messages into my database. When I switched to YAF from PHP, my first MessageID was 209,### so I'm renumbering the MessageID order beginning at 1 for this task. The reason for this is when I did the import before, every text lost its format and it looks like crap.

My SQL query is doing an Order By by TopicID and then Posted time from my MySQL database. I'm doing it this way to properly sort the Position field. If the current TopicID is the same as the last TopicID, increment the Position value by one, if it is not, then it is assigned value 0.

In the attached PNG, you can see MessageID 2 is more than two years prior to MessageID 3, lol. Is this okay or should I have my ORDER BY Posted time only and then later fix the Position values?
Zero2Cool attached the following image(s):
I ended up sorting the collection of posts by Posted time, then later updated the Posted field. 😉 Works great.

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