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10 years ago
You can control a user access in 2 ways.
1. Using Access masks for Groups|Roles

Access Masks in Admin sections are templates for subforums access
An example
Read Yes | - you can read topics in a forum
Post No | - you can post in a forum
Reply No | - you can reply in a topic in a forum
Priority No | - you can set topic sticky in a forum
Poll No | - you can create a poll in a forum
Vote No | - you can vote in a poll in a forum
Moderate No | - you can moderate the forum
Edit No | - you can edit posts in a forum
Delete No | - you can delete posts form a forum
Upload No | - you can uppload attachements in a forum
Download Yes - you can download attachements in a forum

Look at the roles view


and Edit a role, the masks are applicable to YAF added roles only. Keep in mind that YAF roles are the ASP.NET Membersip Roles registered in YAF.

Notice that you set the access mask for each forum individually.
If you create a new role, the role has a default access mask wich can be applied to all forums automatically.
Ir a user is in several roles he/she gets an access rights superposition from all roles.

2. Individual access.

You can set access mask for a user individualy too. It's no matter in which role a registered user is. UserPostedImage


Notice, that user gets max access rigths which are summed up from all his access rigths.

From all this we can gather that a user access is defined by an access mask or superposition of several access masks.

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