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I now have a person who needs to see both boards, rather than just one, so I've included the person to both tasks considering the "highest" accessibility cover up will be used... He still only recognizes the message board corresponding to the first part he was in. I have his sign in information and have examined it on my part as well, same outcome, just the one message board.

I then believed it might be something crazy on the person consideration so I've designed a third Role and a new person consideration and examined the situation again using the new person, same outcome. (I have removed the storage cache just to create sure this isn't something YAF is running from the cache)

For now I can probably bring on by developing one part with authorizations for both boards, but we'll probably end up with about 10 different boards for this and having a part for each possible mixture doesn't really seem all that practical, I was expecting someone could factor me in the right direction?
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