I struggled to setup YAF using Azure SQL. The only resource I could find was a blog post titled “Yet Another Forum (YAF) for Windows Azure” (, but the post only hinted at how to take a current release and use Azure SQL.

The solution ended up being straight forward. The general steps are:

1. Create an Azure SQL database to use to store membership
2. Run Azure specific membership scripts to setup database ( )
2. Create an Azure SQL database to store YAF
3. Create a local database in SQL Express 2008 R2 to store YAF
5. Modify db.config and change the “yafnet“ connection string to the local YAF database
6. In db.config add another connection string called “yafnetmembership” for the Azure membership database
7. Modify web.config to use the Azure membership database. This includes setting the membership, role, and profile default providers and setting those providers to use the "yafnetmembership” connection string.
8. Run YAF locally (I used Visual Studio) and go through the installation wizard (do not check the use “full text” index on the database step)
9. Shutdown the local YAF
10. Modify db.config and change the “yafnet“ connection string to the Azure YAF database
11. Use the SQL Azure Migration Wizard ( to copy the local YAF database to Azure.

Note: You will need to make sure you open the Azure SQL firewall.

This approach was much more successful than trying to manually modify the sql install scripts.
I've been following this through and I'm getting to the last stage "create board" but its throwing up

"Could not find stored procedure 'dbo.yaf_prov_getusernamebyemail'."

Pretty sure this is a red herring but not sure what the actual issue is, anyone seen this when attempting the setup using SQL azure?

Many thanks,

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I have created much more detailed guide in this blog post: Install YAF.NET on Windows Azure (SQL Azure): the Complete Guide .
Hope it helps.
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Fortunately, you don’t have to manually edit SQL scripts to adopt them to SQL Azure.

Very glad to know! It seems that I've added all required constraints:cheesy:
But you didn't write about your YAF version. Some previous versions require sql scripts modifications.


And very important: don’t click the “finish” button on the last step! Just close your browser and shutdown local website.

What's wrong? It can be fixed.

Thanks for the updated and very high quality manual!

What do you think about Azure performance?
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I'm using v1.9.6.1 RTW.
And out-of-box scripts require changes, but migration wizard modifies sql scripts automatically.

After clicking Finish, forum opens, and looks like some values are inserted into tables. Later after migration to Azure database, forum is not working properly, e.g. cannot remove default forum. I didn't dick much, but I suppose the problem is with indexes, so it's important not to run forum to preserve local database "clean". "Default" values migrate without problems.

I'm fully satisfied with Windows Azure platform, very easy to setup and maintain; no issues with performance, though I didn't have too many visitors yet.

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