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12 years ago

We've integrated YAF with Umbraco's membership provider, this works so that when a member registers in Umbraco they can automatically login and post in YAF.

However we've added a member group (read Role) in Umbraco called 'Administrators' however when a member is added to this group they do not automatically become a Admin with YAF.

Is there an extra step we need to take?

Slightly confused why there seem to be two different ways of adding a user to a group in the database:

The yaf_prov_RoleMembership table and the yaf_UserGroup table?



12 years ago
We are still trying to get to the bottom of this issue.

The YAF user tables do stay in-sync with the Umbraco members - including adding them to groups/roles.

The issue is with making an Umbraco member to be a YAF admin user. Just adding them to the "Administrators" group doesn't seem to work properly.

Digging around in the database, we have found that setting the "Flags" (in the 'yaf_User" table) to '3', then this enables the member to become an admin.

I guess my question really is... do we need to manually set the user's flags to achieve this? or is another (better) way to do this?

Thanks, Lee.
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