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11 years ago
YAF_MAIL table shows new entries for a new message posted on the Forum, but the emails notifying a person that a new post or reply has been posted are not being sent. The YAF_MAIL table shows NULL for BodyHTML, 0 for SendTries and NULL for SendAttempt.

I've verified that the mail.config is setup in the root dir with the correct SMTP server. Email via the "Email" icon within in a post DOES send email. However, WATCHING a topic does not send the email alert.

Updates to the YAF_MAIL table do not appear to be immediate. I can post a new topic and / or reply to a post with a watch, but the table does not show new records right away. Is there a process that runs to insert these records into the YAF_MAIL table?

We are using MS SQL Server 2008
Any help is greatly appreciated!

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