11 years ago
Additionally, YAF has procedures in the SQL database. Once you have created your 'current data', I would highly recommend investigating which stored procedure(s) are used by YAF to 'save/create' a user, and send the data to that procedure when your ASP application creates users and so forth. There are also procedures in the YAF database that deal with deleting/deactivating users and I would look into that as well for your 'day to day' user management. The above scripts are REALLY meant for a 'one-time' import of the data, and not at all for 'day to day' use.

You would have to search the forums a little, as there are several posts regarding using the stored procedures to create users in YAF. I know I refer to these two guys a lot when it comes to dealing with the internals of YAF, and I hate to put more on them as they do so much currently maintaining the code and developing future releases, but bbobb and tha_watcha are very well versed in how the stored procedures work and would be the best people (besides Jaben) to communicate with regarding the stored procedures and how to work with them.
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