11 years ago

i am tryning til instakke YAF forum on my ney wow guild webpage..

i need to install the forum in a folder named Forum

i use surftown af my host provider and they pus a prefix to my database so wath do i do to get in working.

The database has the foloning name Appleca_FDF_Forum and i have to yes that DB do to i alrady have a forum running on a privat famely site

The folder i plased in a folder named Forum i the root og the domain folder..

Best regards

11 years ago
You will have to modify the app.config file with the database prefix, and possibly the database owner.

You will also need either to move the files in the folder's /bin to the webroot, and modify app.config for changes when the forum is in a sub-folder, OR, create an 'Application' on the /Forum folder you have now.
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11 years ago
Thanks for helping..

just to to sour on watch i need to do..

put the filen in the Folder /Forum hits is a APP folder the it works.

Best regards Michael
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