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11 years ago

YetAnotherForum 1.5.9, Visual Studio 2010

I am trying to customize YAF 1.5.9, when user browses subdomain urls like sub1.domainname.com , I will like to redirect to

where 14 is the forum id for subdomain sub1

2. Doing so , I am facing a problem, when user needs to log-in, I need forum ID before hand. So before displaying log in page, I need to set forum ID in a session variable so I can use further.

I found that , When I click on category or Forum list the generated URl is something similar below

Before clicked url- http://localhost:1784/forum_page.aspx?g=forum

After clicked url- http://localhost:1784/forum_page.aspx?g=topics&f=14

I want forumid i.e. f=14 is to store session variable.

I tried to explore code of forum_page.aspx , this page is there in root of YAF source code files.

I was expecting code that handles topics and forum ID, but could not understand where it is written. If I can get such code, I can write my additional code to set forumID to a session variable and use it further.

Thanks for looking into my query, appreciate any help you can.


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