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Hi guys,

Delving back into creating forum themes, my first with YAF (looking to intergrate into Umbraco but thats another story). Anyway having real trouble finding/altering a css class. If you look at the picture attached you can see that there is a wacking great big white(ish) row in the centre of the table. You can also see from the screenshot the on Firebug I've located the right bit of css and it gives me the class name, filename and the linenumber which is being read from the css.

Now, if I go and change this css in the theme file....nothing happens. All the other classes I can change fine and as you can see I have done a few changes but this one has no effect. It just doesn't want to change.... I even searched for the Background-Color property in the css but none exist with the value shown in Firebug.

Any ideas?
dilvid attached the following image(s):

.yafnet .forumRow td,
.yafnet .forumRow_Alt td {
	background-color: black;

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I don't want to admit I was being dumb but I will. I was doing File > Recent in Notepad++ which was opening the right file.......in the wrong location. I was editing the wrong css file.....doh! Sorry guys.
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Let me know how Umbraco integration goes. I haven't tried with the newer versions of Umbraco -- but it worked fine with the older versions.

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