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10 years ago
Originally Posted by: squirrel 

I'm doing research on his particular error he's getting and I'm seeing some tweaks between IIS, SQL, and ASP.NET -- When I get some more pinpoints, I'll be posting them -- maybe there's some minor config setting in the server that will help with the downtime.

Thanks for the heads up on the statistics against the other systems -- that definitely provides some good perspective and useful information --

Today my forum is down again, I can't find the reason, just restart the iis and it runs again, hope that 1.9.6 R.C version is stable.

10 years ago
If you have access to the server via Terminal Services, can you check the event logs there for anything? That error means that for some reason, an event is trying to be logged to the EventLog in Windows and it is failing. I'm betting that your IIS pool is crashing, and the reasoning is trying to be sent to the Windows Log and failing there as well.
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