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In the customizing , I am trying two more features

1. Subdomain redirection : For each forum I create, I want to set a sub-domain and want to be accessible to Admin and Users of the said forum only not the all users of database. I used membership for registration, I am able to integrate membership with YetAnotherForum.
I observed that for new forum's YetAnotherForum creates/shows aspx page , atleast I had seen this for the online forum here. If so, can I write code on such page's load to redirect it to desired sub-domain ? otherway, I think I will have to redirect from the sub-domain to such URL, so I need to keep in a table for such sub-domain what will be the URL on address bar.

2. Hide Forums from other users/admin : I want hide Forums in database from all users unless they are either admin or user of specified forum. So each admin will create a forum, he/she will invite users and only the admin and the users of said forum will be able to see their forum, though the database will have several such forums. No one admin can see other admin's forum.

I am thinking to take advantage of Membership's Role here, when a new Admin/User is create I plan to assign them a new role. All new users under this Admin will have this same role. And some-how restrict pages be viewed to this role of the said forum.

Any suggestions & comments are welcome. 🙂

Sham Yemul, 

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