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12 years ago
I see a lot of questions from people who want to integrate YAF with their existing site and membership. I'm, however, rebuilding my entire site from scratch (finally changing from classic ASP to ASP.net) and am therefore looking for a way build the rest of my site around YAF. Basically using the YAF membership/login/etc system for all other parts of my site. I probably could get it to work if I'd have installed YAF in the root... however, it's currently located in the /forum folder where I want it to stay.

Any ideas?

Note: I'm still trying to get my head around ASP.net, so please bear with me 🙂

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12 years ago
if you were able to set it up successfully on a /forum subdirectory then I think you are already set using the membership. You can code the rest of your website like how you always do (like the rest of the pages on the root) and still get functionality of the YAF membership in place. You can create your own custom login, edit profile (create user i'm not entirely sure as i am also getting to this part).

But for the most of it, you are all set.
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11 years ago
can you please let me know how to create custom login. I would like to create login on my master page, yaf will be installed in seperate directory. Thx in advance.
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