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11 years ago
We are currently using version of YAF, running on .Net 4 under IIS 6, and have configured it to authenticate with Active Directory. This has been achieved via IIS by disabling "Anonymous access" and activitating "Integrated Windows authentication" and "Digest authentication for Windows domain servers".
This is working fine, however, each domain user needs to registered manually to YAF.

I have seen on various different posts on the YAF forums that it's possbile that once a domain user (who hasn't accessed the forums before) is successfully authenticated for the first time in the forum, they are automatically added to the YAF database and registered as a user.

Would someone be able to advise me or post an example of how to do this, or let me know if this is possible on our current setup or whether I need to do a bulk import of users from Active Directory to YAF first?

Hope this makes sense.


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11 years ago
Hi, Did you find out the answer to this? We have the same problem. I installed one version of changed it to windows authentication in the web.config and this worked very easily. It was automatically creating the users. On the second installation I done exactly the same and it doesnt create the user but works if I manually create the user.

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