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I posted this to one of the other boards but didn't get a response so perhaps it was the wrong one?

I am trying to get my YAF installation to be functional in multiple languages. I'd like to have one instance of the site with one single sign-on and registration, but the ability to put up multiple boards in different languages. To accomplish this, I tried creating multiple boards with multiple localization settings. Basically, if someone spoke more than one language, they could post to more than one board.

Listing of Boards

Then I tried specifying a different language for each of the different boards.

Languages in the Boards

However, it never saves the language in there, and I haven't been able to figure out how to include the multiple forums in the site. Does anyone know how to do this? How difficult do you anticipate it being? And do you think it is a bug in my build that I can't get the site to retain those saved settings? It is the YAF provided by GoDaddy.

Thanks in advance.
YAF displays the forums in the culture detected by the browser (using the one specified in the host settings as a 'default'. Then, each user profile has the ability to select their own language culture (if my memory serves me correctly).

Theoretically, you wouldn't have to setup so many boards if you're worried about the language issues, as YAF handles this internally on a per user/per browser basis. The developers who know more about the internationalization of YAF can specify more, especially if I'm wrong.

The GoDaddy version is a little dated from what I can remember...
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