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11 years ago
I'm trying to integrate yaf into an existing web application. Unfortunately I'm running into a wide variety of issues.

The primary issue that I think other issues are stemming from, is pathing. Everything is pathed wrong. Even though I have

many (but not all) things still search the root directory.

Look at this:

<link href="/RubyWebs/Themes/soclean/theme.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
Why is it searching in the root directory for themes? Especially when the icons/images are all loaded from the correct directory:

<img id="MainContent_forum_ctl03_ForumCategoryList_CategoryList_forumList_0_ForumList1_0_ThemeForumIcon_0" src="/RubyWebs/yaf/Themes/soclean/topic.png" alt="No New Posts" title="No New Posts">

To get themes functional I had to have a complete copy of the themes directory in two locations!


 jQuery.PageMethod('/RubyWebs/YafAjax.asmx', 'RefreshShoutBox', refreshShoutBoxPanel, refreshShoutBoxFailed, 'boardId', 1);

Why is it searching under the root directory again? I'm not sure but it creates this issue:
Error refreshing chat: [object Object]

And copying YafAjax.asmx to my root directory fixed nothing unfortunately. I still get the same error.

So anyway, is there some other location setting I'm missing? Why is half the site loading from yaf/ and half from the root?

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11 years ago
You set the

<add key="YAF.FileRoot" value="~/yaf"/>

But did you also set the App Root?
<add key="YAF.AppRoot" value="~/yaf" />

and the

<add key="YAF.BaseUrlMask" value="http://www.mydomain.com" />	
11 years ago
I had similar issues over the last week trying to integrate. My post here  might help a little, but ended with a rewrite of ALL of the folder calculation code throughout the entire app.

Also, it appears to me that you want to ignore approot. The only way I could come up with having only one copy of all of the files was if they were in the root.

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