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11 years ago

Very grateful for your excellent open source forum. However ...

I've downloaded the latest version ( and am trying to integrate it into an existing asp.net site with master pages etc (Visual Studio 2010 + ASP.NET 3.5 + SQL Server 2008 R2).

I've just about managed it in a roundabout sort of way (I ended up adding the original site pages to the yaf application because I couldn't do it the other way round), but I'm not convinced it is all working as it should, plus I would still prefer to do it the other way round if I can.

It would really help if you could advise me as to whether or not the embedding instructions (http://wiki.yetanotherforum.net/embeddedYaf.ashx) are up to date for this version. I'm not sure they are as there are .config things in there that simply do not exist in my version.

If they are out of date I would appreciate a note of what should be done differently (I'm not an expert (yet) so fully explained steps would be great).

Many thanks,