11 years ago
I would like to enable uploading to the posts, but I can not.
could someone help me?

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11 years ago
Originally Posted by: andreluizfelix 

I would like to enable uploading to the posts, but I can not.
could someone help me?

Well, the upload directory should be writable. 🙂 If it's not that detailed you will need to make the entire Virtual Directory writable. Also check the Upload path in your config file. it's usually OK by default. Finally check the forum settings for each group - the upload is not enabled by default in User Access Masks.
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11 years ago
If you want registered members to be able to upload stuff, you have to enable it through the "Access Masks"...

By default the upload is disabled in the member Access Mask.

So you go to "Admin" -> Select "Users and Roles" in the left side menu -> Select "Access Masks" -> Select "Edit" on the Access Mask you wish to have uoload access and check the checkbox for Upload access.

If you wish to have also non-registered members being able to see & download the uploaded files (eg pics), you must also grant Download access to the "Read Only Access" mask.

Hope this helps a little...


And what Dimi says is also crucial, the uploads folder must have Windows file write access - you need to grant "Network Service" and maybe also "IUSR" write access to the uploads folder...
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11 years ago
Also If you get a Maximum request length exceeded.you can put


in your web.config
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