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13 years ago
We need two Custom HTML fields in Digest.

1. The first one should be at the very top of each digest email message, the whole email wide, and once enabled should show the custom HTML code added by administrator. It can be forum logo with the link to the forum logo image file to avoid sending the same image again and again, some text, even background music! We all know how to add these features using very simple HTML programming. Finally we can manually add the same info that we used at the forum page at the very top to keep the readers alert and make them remember the forum logo, slogan, etc.

2. The second field should be at the very bottom. It can be completely editable by administrator, should have HTML format as well. We can easily add the forum admin email account, some advertisements, etc.

It's up to the forum admin what to add to these fields, just an idea.

I'm expecting these fields to be the whole email message page wide. We can set any width that we want.

I'm sure that's a great idea and can be easily implemented.

Jaben, what do you think?

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