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13 years ago
1. Do we automatically add nofollow tag to all the links in all the postings in all the pages?
2. Can we turn it off for some links?
3. Do we add this tag globally or only to the content added by the forum participants, so every link added by forum admin will not get the nofollow tag?
4. Do we have a way to disable nofollow tag for some particular user? That would be a great addition if we could. Say, if we want some company to be able to place a working link to their web site we could add a special permission to their forum account.
5. What was the idea about this nofollow tag?

I read articles about this tag, but the problem is that one of the companies told me that they don't want to add the link to the forum just because the forum has the nofollow tag and adding their link to the forum is useless.

12 years ago
I'd also like to know how to config the nofollow tags. It apprears to prevent links added to posts fom opening in a new window, ie: target="_blank"

I see the:

Disable "NoFollow" Tag on Links on Posts Older Than:
If "NoFollow" is enabled above, this is disable no follow for links on messages older then X days old (which takes into consideration last edited).

On the host>features setting page, but tI see no "NoFollow" is enabled above anywhere in the host settings. Any info on thisd wioild be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
12 years ago
Nevermind, found it on the Host sttings>Display panel. Unchecked it but it's not clear its working; I'll test so more and get post my results if it continues not to work for me. Thanks
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