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13 years ago
Hi folks

I wonder if anybody would be so kind as to give me a little guidance? I'm trying to work out how practical it would be to deploy YAF by integrating it into an existing .NET 2.0 web site, in order to set up a comments facility. The website has to maintain its current masterpage appearance, but I'm trying to find out if it is possible to integrate a subset of the components of YAF into a page to provide basic commenting features, but with the objective of probably going on subsequently to 'leverage' more of the functionality of YAF as the site expands and requires a greater forum functionality. I suppose I am currently looking for something somewhere between a guestbook and a forum at the moment, but I'm having trouble finding any ASP.NET libraries that might be suitable. I could set up a whole new DAL and BLL for the site, as I already have done for the bespoke intranet web application that it hosts, but rather than reinvent the wheel for the publicly available content, I thought something like YAF might give me a headstart. Does this sound like a realistic approach? In the first place I would need users to leave comments, optionally by logging in, to allow replies and ratings etc, and to allow admin control by users logged into the intranet. It seems like YAF would easily handle this, but how modular are the components? How easy would it be to separate out particular features, and to elaborate on the features later as required. Has anybody any experience of this sort of approach, or is it more of an all or nothing system, with all the components highly integrated into very specific YAF pages that would be difficult to combine with existing pages?

Thanks for any advice about this!



13 years ago
I am also interested in this for my site. In my case we already have a YAF forum, I would like to use YAF to allow users to comment on the articles on the rest of my site. We currently use our own custom code to handle article comments but it would be way better to integrate YAF with all of the goodness that comes with it.
13 years ago
I would also now like to integrate YAF with an existing site. This site was a conventional ASP.NET 2.0 (now 4.0) web site, with its own proprietary sign in system. I would like the sign in for the Forum to be as seemless as possible.

Is there is a way to programmatically allow the existing site to add its own registered users to the YAF user's database? Is there a convenient YAF API, or do I have to use SQL scripts?

Can someone signing into one site automatically sign into the other, as they navigate from one to the other? Can the sites share sessions and cookies at least?

Any help, even general information, in this direction would be appreciated.
13 years ago
No one's gonna reply to this, eh? Bummer. I might have to jerry-rig a solution, myself. Or, perhaps use a different forum.
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12 years ago
Was a solution ever found for this? Looking at doing the same thing and wondering if its possible. I'd like to have the entire forum accessible, divided into separate topics and subtopics and each subtopic would contain all the threads users add. Standard forum setup there. However, I then want to be able to link to a specific subtopic from a page within my main site that is relevant to that topic and have a "discussion" section on that page. So a user on that page would just be able to see the threads under that subtopic. Users would then also be able to add a new thread from that page, and it would appear under the correct subtopic on the main forum. Is it possible to use YAF in a modular way like this?
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