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13 years ago
Hi guys,

I have tried several times to integrate YAF with existing applications. I have followed steps from http://wiki.yetanotherforum.net/1_9.ashx  and *yada yada*
I can't make it work...:oops:

I am here to kindly ask someone to create a video tutorial starting from scratch on how to integrate YAF with an existing application. (and then upload it to Youtube or some other similar service.)
In the tutorial, it would be nice if a new ASP.NET web application is created, and then integrate YAF with it, step by step.

Please guys, if anyone has integrated it already, please show the rest how to do it on video - it is the best way to learn.


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12 years ago
I wonder why the instructions emphasize putting the YAF components into a subfolder of your wwwroot. This seems to be a real source of trouble, since a bunch of references have to point to that folder.

I added YAF to a website that I created for a project of my department. The site is at http://pltw.nmsu.edu , and the forum page is at pltw.nmsu.edu/Forum.aspx .

I could not make this work by putting the contents of the binary archive into a "yaf" subfolder. There were too many things that went wrong. Instead, I copied those folders and files into the site's root, without overwriting.

I then had to delete the App_Data\Database.mdf file that was provided in the YAF archive, and create a new database. I gave it a new name, and adjusted the db.config entry to match it.

I had to 'attach' the database (connect to the database?) to SQL Server Management Studio Express so it would work. For some reason, even if Visual Studio 2008 is able to create this database in App_Data, it won't work until SQL Server has a hold of it too. This may be because it is located in App_Data instead of the blah\blah\MSSQL\Data folder. I dunno.

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A problem here that comes up is that SQL Server Management Studio Express doesn't want to open the website project folder to attach the database. I found out that this is because the App_Data folder needs to have its Access Control List changed. I read about this at SQLserverCentral.com . You need to change the security settings on the folder to allow "full" access to the group (yourlocalhostname)/SQLServer2005MSSQLUser$server$SQLEXPRESS. You might want to read the referred link for a better idea.
====== ====== ====== ======

Hmm . . . maybe did some other stuff, like entering an administrator password in app.config.

Then opened my web.config and the recommended-NET-web.config files using WinMerge (winmerge.org), and had WinMerge combine all lines of the recommended-NET-web.config into my own web.config file.

Then run ~\install\default.aspx to get the forum app started.

I think that's close to everything. There may be other steps that come up, but the main things that made this do-able were:

Copy the YAF files and folders into the website root
Delete the provided database and create a new one in App_Data
Change security permissions to the App_Data folder where the database resides
Attach the new database to SQL Server with the Management Studio Express
Merge the recommended-NET-web.config into my own web.config file using WinMerge

Sorry, no video. If I make one, I'll post a link.

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