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I'm new to YAF and appologize in advance if anything below is not worded right or has a simple answer.

We have an installation of YAF 1.9.4 running on Win 2003 server, and using .net framework 3.5. We are considering upgrading to YAF 1.9.5 because of the bug in the RSS feed, which I'm guessing may have been worked out in the latest version according to this thread: http://forum.yetanotherf...50_RSS-feed-problem.aspx .

The individual who originally installed YAF is unavailable. Before upgrading the production location, I would perfer to test the upgrade at a different location. Unfortunately, I don't have direct access to production box, so I can't just manually copy everything to another machine. At the moment, I have a copy of the web site running locally on my computer (WinXP, VS2010), but don't have the databases copied. For testing purposes at the moment, I'm trying to get my local copy to run accessing the production databases.

UPDATE: This first issue looks like it may be a permissions problem - not a YAF problem. The website runs fine, but once I try to access a page using YAF, the page tries to load and just hangs.

The db.config contains:
<add name="MyName" connectionString="Data Source=MyDataSource;Initial Catalog=MyDB;Integrated Security=True" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

I suspect there's something really obvious that's missing here?

Also, I noticed that several tables (about 51) are in place on production, such as "Yaf_AccessMask". Do these automatically get created on installation?

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