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13 years ago

I think nobody thought about this feature. Is it possible (hard to add) to use the URL to configure the forum? I can explain the idea. I registered a few domains:



The main domain Have2See.com should show all the categories and forums. But the list is very long - it currently has 291 forums and there are not so many people wishing to see all of them. To make that better I'd like to be able to start the same forum using Have2See.us to show only the forums related to the USA and a few general ones. If I want to register a new domain like Have2See.de, it should show... You got the idea. Etc. If I register a new domain, whatever it is, the forum should be configurable to show only the forums "belonging", or better to say, related to this URL. So there should be a mask in the business logic and it should be configurable at the Admin level. I realize that the bit mask is not the best since it has a width limitation (64 bits). Any better idea? Say, I could add an appropriate forum ID to a special database table with the URL ID and this table should bind the URL and the forum. Of course, all the forums should be visible for all URLs, but there should be a switch to change the forum visibility, set the forum in a special mode to be able to show only the forums that the Admin wants to show basing on some properties, in my case URL.

Simple idea? Doable? If you have any questions let me know, we can discuss this idea.

Added 2 hours later: In addition to this^ feature it would be great to have all the categories and forums in one general list to be able to review their assignments and correct them on the fly instead of opening all the forum configurations one by one. Of course, if I check or uncheck the category for the appropriate URL all the related Forums should be checked or unchecked right away as well.

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