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11 years ago

I installed 1.9.5 and got 2 problems.

One discussed at another place (about YAF:TopicLine) and another was:

If a users posts to a moderated forum he gets (almost invisible) a notifaction.

After this he's redirected back to the forum.

I found the following:

info.ascx.cs has (in Page_Load) as switch

switch ((InfoMessage) int.Parse(Request.QueryString.GetFirstOrDefault("i")))
case InfoMessage.Moderated: // Moderated
    this.Title.Text = GetText("title_moderated");
    this.Info.Text = GetText("moderated");
case InfoMessage.Suspended: // Suspended
    this.Title.Text = GetText("title_suspended");
    this.Info.Text = GetTextFormatted("suspended", this.Get<YafDateTime>().FormatDateTime(PageContext.SuspendedUntil));
case InfoMessage.RegistrationEmail: // Registration email
    this.Title.Text = GetText("title_registration");
    this.Info.Text = GetText("registration");
    RefreshTime = 10;
    RefreshURL = YafBuildLink.GetLink(ForumPages.login);

So neither for Moderated nor for Suspended a RefreshTime is set.

This looks like - not set (0) == no automatic refresh.

Unfortunately in ForumPags.cs InsertCssRefresh I found the following if statement:

if (this.RefreshURL != null && this.RefreshTime >= 0)

This means - if RefreshTime==0 we get an imideate refresh, which doesn't fit the

situation in info.ascx.cs. Either there RefreshTime should be set to a value < 0 for "endless",

or the if in InsertCssRefresh should be changed to

if (this.RefreshURL != null && this.RefreshTime > 0)

which seems to be more usefull (a refresh with 0 seconds... :)).