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Hi there,

It's great to see YAF is a ready to be used forum model. I wonder how to adapt it to fit to my needs as following:

I am looking for a forum model which allow me to preclasify the topics into categories, so to realize:
- The user could select the category and subcategory from dropdownboxes to create a new post. but also
- The system would also check the profile of the user to see whether he/she is allow to post in a certain category.

Many thanks for advice.

By the way, I am based in Strasbourg, France. It would be nice if some of you are also located in the area.



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Create forums instead of categories. Please, specify reason why not. I think you really need some sort of tags for topics.

P.S.Bad news, I'm located in Moscow, Russia.
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The reason I would need to load the cateories/subcategories into dropdown box is due to the high number of cateogry I would need.

2nd, the category information would be used in other business dimensions.

So it would be so nice this YAF model would allow 2-3 level of categories, and each level could be loaded into dropdowns.

Would this be possible? Thanks.


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