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I have created a little webpage with .net which already required registration.

the Database is already setup for it and I want to integrate it with A YAF forum.

All I want to do is when the user registeres with my page it also registers on my YAF page (seperate database)

The YAF code is pretty complex and im not where near upto that skill level.

I was hoping there was a control or class i could import so I could just register it with my page then use the same details and register it with the YAF


how would i go about this?

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YAF - is a control which can be put into a webpage. Look at the default.aspx page in YAF main folder - this is it.

You can use your membership and role providers for YAF.

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my page has its own user database i created.

and then i just do

FormsAuthentication.SetAuthCookie(TXTBOXuserName.Text, CBsave.checked);

.. so i dont use the ASPX membership controls..

I was hoping there would be a way i could just do something like forum.register(txtboxname.Text, .....)

in order to upload the information to the YAF database.. (so its saved in 2 different databases)

or any other easier solution.