12 years ago

I've upgraded from 1.9.4 to 1.9.5 and since that point the forum I have is not retaining the "read" state of a topic e.g. I visit the forum, all the topics are marked unread. I visit a topic, it's marked read. I come back later, everything is "unread" again. I admittedly haven't looked yet, but could this be a flag not being set in the database at some point? Where should I poke around to figure this out? I have had this experience on both the Opera and Chrome browsers.

Thanks in advance.

12 years ago
This is a bug in YAF and has been there since version 1.9.5RC1. To get around this problem, when it does happen, go to Admin-->Matenance-->Restart App. Then check to see if it has that "unread" problem. If it still has it, try restarting the app once more. Usually it only takes one "restart" to work but I have seen cases where I needed to restarted 3 times. Afterward, it would work fine. Be aware though once in a while, IIS might reset YAF which might cause it to run into this same problem again. As an admin, you just need to look out for it and when it happen, "restart app" to fix it.

I was hoping there is a fix for this on 1.9.5Final but I confirmed the problem is still there.

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12 years ago
I've posted a reply into this issue at the above mentioned Topics link.
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