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12 years ago
Enjoying my first taste of the 1.9.5 RTW source bits from the YAF-v1.9.5-FINAL-SRC.zip link on Jaben's Announcement.  Using the compiled SLN, the upgrade performed flawlessly (from v1.9.4 RC2) with perfect ASPNET Membership integration with current versions of Sueetie on both my development server and on a laptop. I hope to knock out the framework integration piece this week, but being Thanksgiving week Go Live might not happen until after the holiday.

I noticed the Powered By statement on my install reads

Powered by YAF 1.9.5 RC

Should that be something else? Just "RC" is confusing and perhaps not accurate? I notice here the statement reads YAF 1.9.5 RC2. I know it's not a big deal, but a lot of my users are YAF Lovers and want to know they're using the latest and greatest YAFNET.


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