12 years ago
I'm using 1.9.5RC1 and I am trying to add a new user to the forum from a list that I already have. So if the user logs in, I'm trying to use the user_login and checking for null like in the instructions I found that showed this:

Dim yuserID As Object = yaf.DB.user_login(1, userID, sPassword)

Well what I am trying to figure out (and I'm sure I copied my web.config correctly) is how you get it to work with just yaf.DB.user_login. I had to type the whole thing out YAF.Classes.Data.user_login, but when I did, I got an Object reference error.

Please help.

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12 years ago
You just login via ASP.NET Membership -- not user_login. Take a look at /pages/login.ascx -- it shows how to log a user in.
12 years ago

I have a login that is being used now, but we cannot have the user do a double-login. So we need the SSO and I'm trying to incorporate that.

11 years ago
Did you find any solution for this query?

Please let us know if you have got by chance.

Thanks in Advance
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