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I have been struggling with this issue for a couple weeks, and would appreciate any advice.

I am migrating an existing forum with ~50,000 existing users to YAF 1.9.4 v41, and most of the user signatures and posts are in HTML format.

The migration is complete, and YAF is great, but I am having issues with the HTML signatures.

The issue is that the Signatures display the raw HTML. It is unrealistic for me to manually convert from HTML to BBCodes. Furthermore, if one of these HTML signatures is edited in the BB editor and all html tags aren't removed, the user gets an ugly error when attempting to save.

I have changed the post editor to use TinyMCE and the migrated HTML posts display fine.

So, I have two questions:

1) What can I do to get the existing imported HTML signatures to render correctly?

2) Can I change the default signature editor to be TinyMCE also?

I know this is a similar issue to the previous topic Change the Editor in the Edit Signature Section , but that topic has been inactive since 2008, and I can't seem to resolve my issue.

Thanks in advance,


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I have the same problem.

I have migrated an existing forum with HTML signatures and the HTML signatures do not work.

I have also tried to create new HTML signatures and they don't work, even though it displays a list of allowed HTML tags when I am entering the signature.

Does this not work at all?

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No, you can't use HTML in YAF anymore even if you'll allow HTML tags.

It works for script tag only that is used in custom BBCodes.

In theory, it can be done as a customization and there was left a full functionality to implement it, but there's no reason to have million editors for a signature. And it was not implemented exactly as it's useless for 99% YAF users and only poses security threats.

It's better to migrate signatures to bbcodes or simply warn users to care about themseves.