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13 years ago
I am planning to use YAF software for Arabic speaking community.
I translated the language file, but the names of months and weekdays are still in English. Therefore, I want to change the date format to something like '2010/08/30 13:05' instead of 'Monday, August 30, 2010 1:05 PM' for all date fields. Is this possible? Please show me how.

  • bbobb
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13 years ago
In Host Settings there is a setting - Date Time format from language file.
You can enable it.
In the current svn it's removed and we always get it from language file.
  • Kamyar
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13 years ago
If you want to change the date time format thoroughly (and you are a programmer), then I recommend you take a look at YAF.Classes.Core.YafDateTime which is located in Yaf.Classes.Core/Services/YafDateTime.cs. I changed my YAF date time format to complete Persian Hijri calendar from there.
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