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I am trying to implement YAF to run together with a Sitecore installation. I am displaying the forum in an Iframe using p3p headers which runs okay. I can now succesfully login through my Iframe using my admin account and can set a variety of different settings to set up my forum.
I have one problem though and that is that anonymous users can't see topics on the forum. I want parts of the forum to be public, so that i can read out topics using RSS feeds. When i now try to get the rss feeds using a script i get a redirect to the login page back.
How can i set everything up so that i have one forum that is accessible for all users including guests?

I have been searching for the guest account and it says it's an unlinked account. Also i see that this account has only read permissions on all forums / boards that allow guests. I can't however find out what i've setup wrong so that those guest users can just view forums...

Opening my forum without loging in gives me a "Welkom gast" / "Welcome Guest" message but also asks the user to login. I want this changed if possible.

Thanks for reading / helping!

Y. van Ruth
Estate Internet

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