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13 years ago
hi, i want to insert new google tracking code inside the tag (before ). I tried to put it inside the head section of advanced.aspx file, but when it was rendered, it's still display before so many other tags. How can I put it after this line

Thanks so much :-d

13 years ago
Are you talking about Google Analytics code ?

You place that at the bottom of default.aspx before

  • doxa123
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13 years ago
Google advises it will be better to put between head ***tracking code** /head tags.
13 years ago
doxa123 wrote:

Google advises it will be better to put between head ***tracking code** /head tags.


Just before closing the page Body.


edit: actually it seems that the async code can be inserted in the head. I read all kind of different posts on the net about it.
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