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13 years ago
my requirement is that when i looged in my application then if i click on forum link the user shouls also seems logged in forum also .my existing application is also using sqlmemebershipprovider and YAF has also the same .

now i integrate the YAF in my application by copy all DLL files into my root bin and all setting in YAF web.config in to my root web.config.the application runs sommothly with integartion but i have to login separtely for forum and the i can use it.

what i want that if looged in my mainapplication the on click of forum same user seems logged in no need to looged in again.both are in single application now

please suggest me how to do this authentication.how i can autheticate user in both my application and in YAF forum

please help me it takes to much time......

The Ricster
13 years ago
herman_herman wrote:

This may help:

Hi Herman_herman. I looked at the specified documentation, but it is somewhat complicated for someone who does not regularly use dotnet. I am an old VB6 and ASP programmer, and I would need to learn a good deal about dotnet before I could actually implement this solution. Is there any other more simpler way to automatically add users? Like for instance, can I write directly to the YAF database and insert user information, which can then be accesed by YAF? This seems like a simple yet effective way to do it, and would allow even an old style programmer like myself to accomplish the task!

Please advise me soon so I can determine if this is the way I need to proceed.

Thank you very, very much!
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