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13 years ago
Does anyone have any pointers on adding YAF 1.9.4 into an existing site? Is it just the same as 1.9.3?

I'll probably answer my own question later today or tommorrow when I spend a bit more time on it, but any pointers or warnings welcome!

  • jax
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13 years ago
OK that was really simple to do.

1. Unzip into sub directory e.g. /forums
2. merge web.config file from sub directory into main root web.config and remove the web.config in the sub directory.
3. Copy all other .config files into the root folder.
4. Copy all files in the /forums/bin directory into /bin

Job jobbed.
13 years ago
I'm facing problem while integrating forum into existing website...
My site is hosted with godaddy...
I've uploaded all files as you mentioned .. its working fine at my system but on live server Its showing this error " CS0246: The type or namespace name 'YAF' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)"

But if I create directory as virtual directory then it works
All .dll files are uploaded at root

Please help
  • Kamyar
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13 years ago
Installing YAF in a subfolder is explained in details in this post  and in this topic .
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