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12 years ago

I am running YAF (NET v2.0)on Windows IIS 6 Godaddy hosting. I am planning to update my hosting to IIS 7 and also update the Forum to the latest release. I have about 500 Users in the Forum and some 300 topics. I have taken a backup of the database. Would any one please tell me how I may proceed about the upgrade path? Any special instructions to be followed? Thank you in advance! :cheesy:


  • Jaben
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12 years ago
Upgrading to the latest (v1.9.4 RC3) and make sure and use the UPGRADE .CONFIG settings (v191-upgrade-web.config). Only when the settings are correct do you do an attempt upgrade -- because it's critical you do the migration properly the first time. Otherwise, you'll be restoring the backup and trying again. 🙂