13 years ago
Not changing to VS2010 (as I'm using VS2008 with the source and .NET 3.5), the YetAnotherForum Website Project is now a Visual Studio Web Application.


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13 years ago
Ok, so it will compile with VS2008 too - but as a WAP... 😕
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13 years ago
Exactly. VS2008 SP1. I was personally worried I didn't have SP1 installed, but fortunately I did. 🙂

13 years ago
btw, i LOVE that when you're in the admin section, you can click on the IPs attached to the site and it goes right to DNSSTUFF.com's lookup!!!
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13 years ago
Good you finally made the move to Web Application.
Price to pay: there will certainly be some bugs in next month.
Next expectation is a clear path on next versions...
Keep on.
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