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2 years ago
Hello everybody!

My client uses YAF and has a SSO integration from their site into the form. I.e. as an authenticated user on the site, I can click "forum login" and I am taken to the forum and automatically logged in.

We are due to rebuild the site, and will need to replicate the SSO integration behaviour in the new site.

The old site is build in SiteCore. We will be replacing that with a Drupal 8 site.

My problem is that I don't quite understand how the current integration works. I understand that YAF *can* integrate with various IP providers via using OAuth, but am slightly worried that in the current setup it utilises "ASP.Net Membership Provider" functionality.

I'm not a Microsoft developer and I hadn't heard of ASP.Net Membership Provider until today. But I'd just like to check that my understanding is sound so far. I.e. that:

- I can acheive a SSO integration with Drupal by enabling it as a OAuth 2.0 Identity Provider. Initiate a log-in by generating the necessary tokens etc and redirecting (I know there's more to it than that!).
- SiteCore to YAF SSO likely uses something that is *not* OAuth based. So there may be some re-configuration in order to replicate everything that it currently does (I know I haven't given much info about the current YAF - I'm sure that will be a topic for a further post!)

Thanks everybody! 🙂

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