8 years ago
This is the error, any help appreciated!

Info Begin Sql execution
Info Creating backup of previous version - 01.96.10.SqlDataProvider
Info Created - 01.96.10.SqlDataProvider
Info Executing 01.96.10.SqlDataProvider
Info Start Sql execution: 01.96.10.SqlDataProvider file
Failure ExceptionSchwabenCode.QuickIO.InvalidPathException: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. at SchwabenCode.QuickIO.Internal.InternalQuickIOCommon.NativeExceptionMapping(String path, Int32 errorCode) at SchwabenCode.QuickIO.QuickIOFile.OpenFileStream(QuickIOPathInfo pathInfo, FileAccess fileAccess, FileMode fileOption, FileShare shareMode, Int32 buffer) at SchwabenCode.QuickIO.QuickIOFile.OpenText(QuickIOPathInfo pathInfo) at DotNetNuke.Common.Utilities.FileSystemUtils.ReadFile(String filePath) at DotNetNuke.Services.Installer.Installers.ScriptInstaller.ExecuteSql(InstallFile scriptFile) at DotNetNuke.Services.Installer.Installers.ScriptInstaller.InstallScriptFile(InstallFile scriptFile) at DotNetNuke.Services.Installer.Installers.ScriptInstaller.Install()
Info Finished Sql execution
Failure Installation Failed - Script

8 years ago
Anyone? Google gives me nothing on this.
8 years ago
I should state I am on DNN 8, is the new version causing issues w/ YAF? should I roll back to 7.x?
Ordinary Nimda
8 years ago
Originally Posted by: GothicWizard 

I should state I am on DNN 8, is the new version causing issues w/ YAF? should I roll back to 7.x?

I did a new install to DNN 8.0, and am still in the process of designing the site. My intention was to add forum capabilities with YAF. Please keep us informed on the progress and possible workarounds...

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8 years ago
I updated the downloads with an updated install manifest for dnn 8. Now the installation should work.

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