Installing 2.2.2 in a sub directory off of the parent root. www.parent.com/forum

Kept getting "The type or namespace name 'ProfileCommon' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)"

when attempting to install YAF with www.parent.com/forum/install/default.aspx

Found another post here that ended up fixing it for me.


Created a /Providers directory off of the existing /bin folder and copied YAF.Providers.dll to it.

Using the YAF.Membership and YAF.Roles providers in my parent website to pass logged in users to the YAF forums, so I had keep a copy of YAF.Providers.dll in the \bin directory as well. Hope that doesn't burn me somehow. If anyone can tell me how to modify the <providers> part of my parent web.config to show the path to YAF.Providers.dll to be /bin/Providers I would appreciate it. I can then remove the copy in /bin

Interesting, this is a fresh install and I first played with a standalone version of YAF. That went fine with YAF.Providers.dll being in /bin. It was only when I made a fresh install of YAF as a subdirectory under my parent website that YAF couldn't then find ProfileCommon