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10 years ago

I can see my Label value.. the textbox comes with out corresponding Label.

you added a new localized label control do you also add the tag to the language files?
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10 years ago
I changed my
IYafUserProfile.cs and YafUserProfile.cs

public string Prefix
return base["Prefix"] as string;

base["Prefix"] = value;

public string FirstName
return base["FirstName"] as string;

base["FirstName"] = value;

string Prefix { get; set; }
string FirstName { get; set; }

I have more properties...
Let me explain the problem now.
In my Database table yaf_prov_Profile has all new properties and Prefix too.
table yaf_User has only Prefix. why ??

The problem i am facing which might be cause by the above is..

In my Approve.aspx

I am calling SendRegistrationNotificationEmail

private void SendRegistrationNotificationEmail([NotNull] MembershipUser user)

// setup/save the profile
YafUserProfile userProfile = YafUserProfile.GetProfile(User.UserName);

string[] emails = this.Get().NotificationOnUserRegisterEmailList.Split(';');

var notifyAdmin = new YafTemplateEmail();

string subject =

notifyAdmin.TemplateParams["{adminlink}"] = YafBuildLink.GetLinkNotEscaped(ForumPages.admin_admin, true);
notifyAdmin.TemplateParams["{prefix}"] = userProfile.Prefix;
notifyAdmin.TemplateParams["{firstname}"] = userProfile.FirstName;
notifyAdmin.TemplateParams["{lastname}"] = userProfile.Lastname;
notifyAdmin.TemplateParams["{title}"] = userProfile.Title;
notifyAdmin.TemplateParams["{org}"] = userProfile.Organizaton;
notifyAdmin.TemplateParams["{phone}"] = userProfile.Phone;
notifyAdmin.TemplateParams["{email}"] = user.Email;
notifyAdmin.TemplateParams["{city}"] = userProfile.City;
notifyAdmin.TemplateParams["{state}"] = userProfile.State;
// notifyAdmin.TemplateParams["{Number}"] = userProfile.Phone;
notifyAdmin.TemplateParams["{forumname}"] = this.Get().Name;

string emailBody = notifyAdmin.ProcessTemplate("NOTIFICATION_ON_USER_REGISTER");

foreach (string email in emails.Where(email => email.Trim().IsSet()))
this.Get().Queue(this.Get().ForumEmail, email.Trim(), subject, emailBody);

I am geting all the values from user object.
But for userProfile object only prefix has its value others null.
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